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GFK eCommerce Navigator

GfK eCommerce Navigator®

GfK eCommerce Navigator locates your current market position, identifies routes to growth and offers specific strategies for getting there. Built on GfK’s decades of segmentation and awareness and usage experience, GfK Navigator uses a unique analytical process. It combines the consumer understanding gained from awareness and strategic segmentation studies. And it recommends strategies for capitalizing on those insights. GfK Navigator can help you:

  • Understand the segmentation and structure of your markets
  • Find new segments and profile their attitudes and usage
  • Determine where you are in the market and where you could be
  • Locate “white space” for new and existing products and services
  • Identify the most strategic levers for your brand

A Two-Stage Consultative Process

Qualitative Understanding
GfK Navigator projects typically begin with qualitative research, usually in the form of focus groups or in-depth interviews. The attitudes, lifestyle information, key attributes and consumer vocabulary we uncover in this stage provide an in-depth understanding of consumers’ perceptions around your product or service.

Quantitative Assessment
In the second stage of GfK Navigator, we conduct a quantitative assessment of consumers’ attitudes and usage, typically online. Our integrated analysis is designed to pull the most pragmatic and operational value from this data. Using highly visual tools for understanding data—perceptual mapping, cluster analysis, gaps matrixes and brand/category key purchase driver diagrams—your GfK consulting team moves your GfK Navigator study from analysis to strategic and tactical recommendations.

GfK eCommerce Navigator is an ideal tool for a number of specific business challenges:

  • Expanding into new and unfamiliar consumer markets or segments
  • Determining how your products could fit within new markets
  • Leveraging strong brands into new markets, with new or existing customers
  • Expanding market share among current users
  • Understanding consumer behaviors and attitudes, with actionable ideas that capitalize on those insights
  • Answering particular segmentation questions

GfK eCommerce Navigator’s recommendations can vary widely, from generating product development ideas to tailoring marketing to address unmet segment needs or refocusing your efforts on specific segments. Regardless of the outcome, GfK eCommerce Navigator can have a profound impact on your firm’s growth initiatives. If you want to see how the navigator works in practice you can check out or review of Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy course where the navigator tool was first introduced and tested in real time.

GFK Shopify and Oberlo Platform Review and Additional Information

GFK has just published their update on the latest eCommerce platform releases by Shopify and Oberlo. There has been a lot of news and rumors about Shopify’s latest release of the Shopify Plus platform and about Oberlo’s product sourcing tools working together like a charm. GFKamerica has been running  an in-house testing and research program which has revealed some positives and some negatives which come with the new platform and sourcing tool. You will be able to read the whole review here:

What is new with the Shopify Plus platform is their interface and their extended payment processing option which was specially designed for bigger businesses. The Shopify plus platform additionally offers a fully automated warehouse tracking system for your products which is letting you know when you will run out of inventory.

The Oberlo product sourcing tool is additionally purchasable and recomendable with the Plus platform option. Oberlo is designed like a product sourcing app making it easy for you to find and order new inventory + constantly checking when you run out of products you are selling at the moment. You can check the full insights and review here:

GFK Viddyoze Vide Creation Tools Insights

GFK has just finished with their review of the Viddyoze 3.0 video creation tool. It seems that the inventors have changed lots of things from the first version. Of of the most popular are the new templates which makes it really easy to create some short add movies + the new interface which offers a great overview of what is possible with this program. You will be able to read the full insights on their page here:

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Marketing News

Latest Marketing News, Updates and Reviews


Marketing NewsFlow

Available from GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, Marketing NewsFlow is a reliable and affordable measurement tool that enables you to track the impact of your media marketing coverage to reveal how effectively your message has reached your target public. Read all about how to implement these strategies in our in-depth 7 Figure Cycle Training Review.

Based on GfK OmniTel® telephone surveys to a representative sample of 1,000 adults, Marketing NewsFlow enables you to substantiate:

  • How many consumers have read, seen or heard news about your company, brand or chief executive
  • Whether recent news is leading to more or less favorable opinions
  • Which target audiences are being impacted
  • How quickly information reaches the public
  • What specific messages are reaching your target

Marketing NewsFlow provides media content analysis and audience impact data from a single, integrated source to assess how many people were meaningfully impacted by your message in terms of attitudes or behaviors. You’ll learn:

  • How much time does it take for the news to lead to audience impact
  • How the impact of a positive story compares with that of a negative one
  • Which messages are driving audience impact most
  • What’s the impact of news about competitors on your category overall
  • Which audiences are being impacted by which stories

With Marketing NewsFlow you’ll get more insight than ever before and more evidence of the impact of your campaign.

Why Is The Marketing NewsFlow More Efficient When Using Shopify Plus and Oberlo?

Shopify has just uncovered their newest platform update called Shopify Plus. There were some major changes attached to the new platform especially when it comes to marketing and payment processing. The Marketing Flow program from GFK was successfully tested on the new Shopify Plus update. You can read more about our the insights here: and more about the development of Shopify in uae here:

The GFKamerica team has also tried the recommended application for product sourcing called Oberlo. In a nutshell – Oberlo is a new developed product sourcing tools, which makes it easier for retailers to track and order their products and upload them to their website. You can check all the details and the full report here: